Flex Secure Print Suite

Take control of network-wide document security and device management.

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This powerful solution combines complementary software packages that work together to offer businesses all the efficiency and cost benefits of shared Gestetner Multifunctional Products (MFPs), whilst providing the flexibility and security associated with desktop printers. Monitor and control device usage and maximise the security of your business information, wherever it is accessed, with our user-friendly Flex Secure Print Suite.

Gestetner’s Flex Secure Print Suite is a scalable solution, to help easily manage and monitor small to medium, as well as larger cost-conscious businesses with over 1,000 users.

FlexRelease Server: Boost productivitity with ‘Flex Print Release’ – users can release their documents anywhere on the network.

Card Authentication Package:  Fast, secure ‘swipe-and-go’ ID card authentication simplifies user access and management, and protects documents.

Enhanced Locked Print NX: Enhance security by holding documents safely on Ricoh MFPs or the server until unlocked by authorised users.

SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin Accounting Report Package: Monitor, track and report user and device usage to analyse and control costs.

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